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Viral marketing  tactics for film

Viral marketing for film distribution takes many forms. Perhaps the most common is to simply dump your trailer on Youtube, hoping it will create a buzz. Others might seek out influencial bloggers and get them talking about your project. These might bring you some visibility, but we take a slightly more tactical approach.

The proper combination of viral videos spread across the web, blog posts, and social bookmarking, along with podcasting, all in the correct sequence, these are some of our methods.

The key as always, is to bring valuable content to a community we have already identified for you, and tracking the way they interact with your media.  Having a well thought out keyword strategy in place is key to the success of any viral campaign, which means doing research in the niche category of your property.

To learn more about our viral marketing techniques feel free ot join our film market newsletter, where we share some of our favovite tactics.

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