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Home video distribution

Home video distribution is perhaps our area of greatest expertise.

Our team has been involved in hundreds of sales for home video and DVD distribution.

We have consequently learned a great deal about consumer DVD markets, packaging, price points, across the different sales channels.  We can help you bring your film to market with the right bouquet of ingredients that will attract buyers.

Your property may have a niche DVD market that you have not even considered. TV and DVD markets are not exploited the same way, as film and TV are not.

Most producers rush through the 'production stills' considerations during shooting and often the Electronic Press kits (EPK's) we see are less than adequate.  Getting a proper graphic style worked out before hitting the markets is perhaps the single most important investment you will make in getting the maximum return on your film investment.  We can help direct your efforts, and it does not have to cost you much, you simply need to plan ahead.

Home Video or DVD buyers will often walk away from a good looking title if there are no proper marketing materials to work from.  

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