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Foreign film buyers

Selling your film to foreign markets can appear a bit daunting at first.

Many producers are under the impression it must somehow be even harder than cracking the  domestic market.

The truth is, it is often much easier.  Of course the content of your film or TV  or DVD project must have international appeal.  But beyond that, getting access to buyers from well over 100 coutries who typicallly atttend the main markets, is really a matter of well organised communications and a bit of patience.  Many of the US based distributors who attend international markets make the lions share of their take  in foreign markets, not domestic.

ID Communications attends the major festivals and markets each year. If you would like to inquire into our representation services, we can bring you those buyers from the 4 corners of the globe.

To find our more about our film distribution services email us at

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